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There are two Sushi 101 locations and a sister concept in Baxter Village in Fort Mill called Fishmarket.  Owners, Hank Lim and Sun Kim are a husband/wife team who used their talents to create a casual, yet sophisticated culinary environment with what appears to be a simple formula…fresh food, consistent quality, knowledgeable staff, a warm and inviting atmosphere, and the freedom to never be complacent.  Simple formula perhaps, but one that most in the restaurant business can never execute properly.  Hank and Sun have clearly mastered it.

Hank began his training years ago as a chef at a popular sushi bar in Atlanta.  He devoured all of the knowledge of sushi rapidly and dreamed of owning his own sushi bar.  You know where I am going with this!  Hank and Sun researched various markets and felt that Charlotte was up and coming and in much need of great sushi.  They opened their first Sushi 101 location at Park Rd. and Woodlawn Rd. in 2002 with two additional locations in the last several years.  Fishmarket, the latest restaurant venture for Sun and Hank, focuses primarily on seafood that is cooked…no sushi yet!

Hank began as the original chef in the first restaurant.  He now travels in and out of each location monitoring them, yet still finds time to create and experiment with new dishes for the menu.  You will primarily find Sun at the original Park/Woodlawn location doing as she says “whatever needs to be done”.  It is that commitment and unpretentious attitude that adds to their success.

Hank and Sun are supportive of each member of their staff and demonstrate how to give a personal touch through their own actions.  Each chef is consistent in their menu products, but Hank and Sun respect that sushi is a “work of art” and encourage their culinary staff to explore their own creativity in the daily lunch specials (Mon-Fri). The waitstaff is well trained and knowledgeable and able to help the sushi expert find something new or the sushi novice with basic suggestions.

Hank and Sun focus on their own restaurant and are not busy comparing themselves to others.  They know what works:  Quality food; fresh ingredients; a consistent staff, and adding a personal touch to accommodate the guests.  The staff is committed to catering to the needs and desires of their clients.  In fact, some of their most loyal and consistent customers who travel to other cities bring them sushi ideas to try and they are always willing to accommodate the request.  Sushi 101 also offers various vegetarian options.

The menu:

Sushi 101 uses the same menu for lunch and dinner and is open seven days a week.  Sushi is priced affordably and begins at $3.95 a roll.  There are various options in addition to rolls, such as noodle bowls, fried rice, and dinner plates.  Signature dishes include:  Professor Vu roll, Voodoo roll, Rainbow roll, and Dragon roll.  We sampled the Crispy Maki 101, Super Crunch Roll, and the Yellow Submarine that were equally fantastic!  Sushi 101 has a full service bar with a Mon-Thurs drink special, martini specials, and are currently running a wine promotion.  Check out their new website for further information.

Sushi 101 is an inviting place to dine whether inside at a table, at the sushi bar, or at one of the patio tables offered at each location.  Sun and Hank have combined your local neighborhood dining spot with ultra sophistication and warmth.  There may be more Sushi 101 locations in the future, but the recipe will remain the same.  The success will then be guaranteed!


  1. 12-22-2010

    You have paintings hanging in the Woodlawn location by Cosaro. Who is this person and how can I get in touch with them? Is that Gwen Stefani painting for sale?

    I’ve been going to this place for 2 years and not one staff member is able to tell me anything about the artist or the prices of the art.

    Please let me know.

    • 12-23-2010

      Hi Mike, Sam Corsaro is a friend and local artist. We can give you Sam’s number or you can leave your number and we will give it to Sam. Gwen is for sale. The price is $2300. It is an oil painting. Next time you stop in please ask for me or speak with Kati (bartender). We will be glad to help you contact Sam. Gwen is a great painting, she replaced his painting of Marilyn Monroe which once occupied that space. Thanks for supporting us over the years.


      • 12-23-2010

        Hi Sun, thanks for getting back to me. Do you have Sam’s email? (is Sam boy or a girl?)

        I like a lot of the things you have on the wall in your place. You have good taste. It makes the place cool and gives it some soul. Something that most eateries and pubs in Charlotte lack.

        Have a good holiday and let me know if you have that email.


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