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  1. 1-16-2014

    I tried Sushi 101 at the Woodlawn location for lunch this Wednesday for the first time. FABULOUS! I tried the daily lunch sushi special and it was so fresh and delicious. My waitress was great and answered all my questions. The service was good and fast too. This was by far some of the BEST sushi I have ever had anywhere. I will definitely be coming back by myself or with friends. I believe this will be among my top 3 places to dine in Charlotte!

  2. 12-31-2013

    Last night, December 30, 2013, I took my mother to Sushi 101 in the Ballantyne Commons area. The place was really small, but the food made up for it! Our waitress was amazing (didn’t catch her name, but she was pregnant) and made sure we were comfortable, especially since it was our first time eating there! I ordered the shrimp tempura makimono roll and the California makimono roll, which were amazing!! I also tried the crispy tempura kamikama yakitori which was pretty good as well! She also had us try the spicy mayo which is now one of my new favs!! Unfortunately, they font have shrimp sause (white sauce) and they don’t have a fountain drink machine, only can sodas. Overall, it was a great experience, very low key! I will be going on a date to the one on university today (which I heard was bigger)!

  3. 2-19-2013

    I ate at the Woodlawn location for the first time last night and the food was delicious and fresh very reasonably priced. I will be back. This may be my new go to as I enjoyed my food as much (if not better) than some of the “upscale” places in Charlotte .

    • 4-11-2013

      I agree i had so many people tell me to go a this upscale place in South Park , after waiting up to 2hrs , finally getting seated and my food , it was a disaster. Was not impressed at all , thanks to Sushi 101 , my entire palate has been delivered from such a bad experience with a high price to go along with it.

  4. 2-6-2013

    Hello! I love Sushi 101. Is there a way to find out nutritional information?

  5. 2-1-2013

    I have been dining at Sushi 101 since 2009 when I travelled to and from Charleston, SC every other weekend. My first stop in Charlotte was always Sushi 101 because even if I arrived at 8:30pm, I knew I could get a first class dining experience and not be rushed. Since 2009, I have moved to Charlotte and still dine at Sushi 101 at least once a week. Hank, Sun, Katie and their staff always prepare cutting edge sushi creations (like my favorite roll- The Panhandle) and make sure that each dining experience is catered to what you are looking for. I have been to Sushi 101 with large groups of friends, on a date night and even stopped by several times to have ‘dinner for one’ while my husband was out of town–and had the wonderful staff make me feel right at home. When you go, make sure to check out the awesome wall art and try one of their unique sake selections. The chilled unfiltered selections include some of my favorites. Also, DO NOT miss the ahi poki as an appetizer. You will regret it when you see someone else order it! To Hank, Sun, Katie and the fine staff at Sushi 101–thanks for providing a great establishment that has become our family’s and our friend’s favorite “local spot!”

  6. 2-1-2013

    hello…do you guys have the nutrition info. for your menu? specifically the lettuce wraps? i do low carb, and am wondering how many carbs, etc are in them, just in case we come down for dinner. thanks

  7. 1-18-2013

    I ate the lunch special on Tuesday 1/15/2013 at the Woodlawn location, it was fabulous, what were the rolls so I can order them in the future? Thank you!

    • 1-18-2013

      Hi Steph, I am so happy you enjoyed our lunch special. Our sushi lunch specials change on a daily basis and most of the items/rolls are not regular items on our menu. Please feel free to ask about the rolls next time you visit the restaurant, if we have the ingriedients on hand we should be able to make it for you. Tuesday our Sushi 101 lunch special was a sweet potato tempura roll and asparagus and cream cheese inside, topped with snapper and avocado.

  8. 8-24-2012

    Do you offer catering for large parties?

  9. 8-22-2012

    I came to Sushi 101 for the first time on Monday. I ordered the wonton soup and could have died, it was so good! Though I’m sure you don’t give out recipes, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask the ingredient list for the broth. Any help?

  10. 2-17-2012

    Can you tell me what menu items or rolls I could order that would fit into a low carb diet?


    • 5-26-2012

      Hey Ryan sorry for the delay in response. We have a large selection of Yakitori that can be grilled and served without the teriyaki sauce, or a side of veggies you can do steamed or sautéed, also any of our Nigiri can be served Sashimi style without rice, our Makimono rolls can be done with a cucumber wrap for a small up charge, or if you ask we can do light rice on any roll. Hope this helps.

  11. 12-17-2010

    Hi, My husband would LOVE to take sushi making course, actually, he would really love to take a course in Japanese cooking and the philosophy behind Japanese food. Any suggestions????????????????
    Much thanks!!!

    • 12-23-2010

      Hi Sylvia, we have done a group sushi class for 10 or more people at their home but we do not offer any sushi making courses at this time. If your husband is really interested in Japanese cooking , maybe Johnson & Wales would have a Japanese cooking class.


  12. 12-8-2010

    I was in your restaurant on Monday and had a wonderful lunch special that I would like to have again. Can you please tell me what rolls were in the lunch special? Thank you.

    • 12-9-2010

      Hey, First of all I want to than you for dining in and I need to know which location? We have different daily specials at our locations. Please let me know which location you were dining and then I will ask the chef or manager what the lunch special was for Monday and let you know.

      Thanks Again

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