Your Guide To A Great Sushi Dinner

So your friend failed to convince you that sushi was the most delicious thing in the world. But at the same time, you don’t want to be out of the loop and would like to broaden your cosmopolitan sense of enlightenment (if that makes any sense). Here are some tips for you, sushi virgins, on how to approach this ambrosia from the Orient.

Somehow you were tricked, bribed, or coerced into going to Sushi 101 and ended up sitting at a table. You can start easing your nerves with a comfort appetizer such as Vegetable or Shrimp Tempura and wash down with a calming bowl of Miso Soup.

After this, I know you are tempted to go directly for the Teriyaki dishes, but today will be different. When it comes to sushi, let’s start off with the basics: California Roll. Almost everyone can enjoy crabmeat, cucumber, and avocado wrapped in nori and rice, but if you are vegetarian, the Avocado, Plants, or the Cucumber Roll seem to be the logical choices.

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  1. 10-15-2010

      Charlotte Ethnic Foods Examiner

    There are a few Sushi 101 locations in Charlotte. With little competition in the area, Sushi 101 in The Shoppes at University Place is a great spot to grab sushi for lunch or with friends in the evening.

    Sushi 101 – University

    Located across the boardwalk from Wine Vault, this ‘Asian fusion’ restaurant features a noodle sushi bar, couches and chairs placed around fish-shaped tables and outdoor seating (which overlooks the lake). This location also has T.V.’s in the bar area.

    Sushi 101 @ University has a decent lunch crowd but never seems so busy that service suffers. Dinner, especially on weekends, seems to be busier than lunch but the noise level never exceeds a comfortable level. Service is good but not exceptional; food arrives in a timely manner, drinks are refilled often and plates are cleared (if set at the end of the table). The servers are friendly but not ‘chatty’ or personable.

    Lunch specials vary from day to day and are given upon inquiry as there is not a ‘lunch special’ menu. Great drink specials are posted at the front entrance: $1 or $2 drinks Mon-Thurs.

    What to try:

    Their menu offers a variety of appetizers, noodle dishes, Japanese dishes, nigiri ala carte and sushi rolls-all at reasonable prices.

    Try the ahi poki, a great appetizer of ‘hawaiian marinated tuna sashimi’ served with crispy rice cakes and wasabi. The basil rolls and spicy tuna or salmon tataki are also excellent meal starters.

    Sushi 101’s miso soup is delicious with mushrooms added to classic miso soup ingredients. The cucumber salad is equally delicious with crab and topped with ginger vinaigrette dressing.

    From sushi roll options, ‘must have’ choices include tekka maki, caterpillar maki, passion roll and crystal bubba.

    “>Sushi 101 University is not the most amazing sushi place in Charlotte. However, their food and service leave no room for complaint and the prices for food and drink make this the perfect place to satiate a craving for well made and fresh sushi, noodles or Japanese dinners.

    Food: * * * * (4 stars)

    Service: * * * * (4 stars)

    Atmosphere: * * * (3 stars)

    Location: * * * * * (5 stars)

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